Composite  image of Clams

Tom's Cove Aquafarms has been
successfully raising hard clams since
1994. Our clam operation is located in
a natural cove that receives a twice
daily tide flow from the Atlantic ocean
rendering our hand raised clams clean
and silt free with a sweet, slighty salty

Clam culture is divided in to three
phases. During the Hatchery Phase,
local clam brood stock are spawned to
acquire native seed. Live phytoplankton
is used as a natural food source for the
baby clams. During the Nursery Phase
baby clams are further nurtured
through careful feeding in a land based
"upweller" system. The Grow-Out
, the final step in clam culture,
involves planting juvenile clams in carefully selected bottom sites that yield fast, uniform growth in a healthy aquatic environment. In these underwater farming areas, clams are allowed to fatten by feeding only on natural food sources found in these coastal bay waters.

Tom's Cove Aquafarms clams are harvested by hand when they reach marketable szie, which usually takes from 24 to 36 months. Clams are graded for size and then held in floating net pens to facilitate a clean product before shipping. All our clams are harvested only upon order, insuring a fresh shipped product. Quality control is practiced from hatchery through shipping. Our clams are perfect for serving steamed, raw or with pasta dishes.